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  • How can I ensure efficient controlling of energy balancing?
  • What data do I need for efficient consumption forecasting and portfolio management for my customers?
  • What prerequisites are there to enable better forecasting and control of distribution grids?
  • Why do I receive negative REMADV, IFSTA, etc.?


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Robotron (ecount/esales/ WPM/PFM)

The Robotron EDM/MDM systems process energy transaction data, which can be used as the basis for energy quantity balancing and further processing in various processes.

Robotron ecount is an energy data management system that fulfils
all the functional requirements of network operators/metering point operators – from remote meter reading to billing preparation. Robotron ecount is used to check the plausibility of imported load profiles and meter readings. The status of the measured values and their deviation from individually configurable limits are checked. The Robotron EDM/MDM systems process transaction data, which can be used as the basis for energy quantity balancing and further processing in various processes.

Robotron esales is the energy data management system for procurement and sales and offers comprehensive solutions for the digitalisation and optimisation of relevant value-added processes for energy sales. Robotron esales handles the periodic (e.g. monthly, annual) or one-off billing of the following billing behaviours: Supply, trading (from portfolio management), balancing group, grid utilisation and service contracts, etc. Billing is based on measured load profiles, standard load profiles, forecasts or calculated consumption quantities. Furthermore, the invoice verification module provides you with a complete, automatable verification process including importing incoming invoices, creating „shadow documents“ and comparing them.

Robotron WPM – The robotron WPM is used to map the market communication processes in accordance with MaKo 2020 for the implementation of the German law on the Digitalisation of the Energy Transition.

Robotron PFM (Portfolio Management)

With this solution for portfolio management you can manage your sales, generation and trading portfolio for electricity commodities. The software solution from the cloud provides all functions for flexible electricity procurement on the energy market on the web.

We have already successfully implemented numerous Robotron (ecount/esales/WFM) projects in recent years.

Kisters BelVis

Kisters BelVis is a software solution for the energy sector that optimises business processes for the market roles of distribution network operator/metering point operator and sales/balancing group manager.

We support you with process optimisation in balancing with BelVis, with the transfer of balancing from BelVis, with technical coordination of the reorganisation, conception of restructuring process management and IT (BelVis) for market roles of basic metering point operators, suppliers and distribution network operators

Wilken ENER:GY 

Wilken ENER:GY is an end-to-end solution for all market roles in the energy industry. It is a billing system that fully fulfils all the requirements of utilities. In addition, the software supports utility companies in all key business areas. Mass data are processed efficiently and securely and customers are provided with a useful tool for customer acquisition and retention. In order to successfully master the growing challenges of the energy transition, a software solution whose consistent philosophy is to map the constantly changing business processes flexibly and cost-efficiently is provided.

We offer technical coordination of the reorganisation, design, restructuring of process management and IT (Wilken) for the market roles of default metering point operators, suppliers and distribution network operators.


PSI Network Control System (SCADA) is an intelligent grid control system for companies in the energy industry for managing large power grids. The energy transition has led to structural changes in power generation. The integration of a large number of decentralised feed-in systems with fluctuating energy demand requires the right technology. This is not only reflected in the system architecture, it must also support the organisation and guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data.

We offer high-quality solutions using PSI SCADA for the centralised monitoring and management of large power grids.

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Klafka&Hinz First Net

FirstNet is an energy data management system (EDM) that consistently implements the system integration between EDM, billing systems and meter management in a process-orientated manner. The distribution network operator is supported in the day-to-day running of central business processes.

We have many years of experience in supporting the grid operator with FirstNet, as well as in process consulting regarding the elimination of data inconsistencies in the SAP IS-U system and FirstNet..

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SAP IS-U/SAP EDM is the SAP component for the utilities industry that supports the requirements of load profile processing, energy balancing, schedule management and billing of energy consumption. SAP IS-U/EDM serves as a central database for energy data or balancing. It is also used for scheduling  with the help of the balancing workbench and the billing of time series using the real-time pricing module.

Our many years of expertise in the field of SAP ISU and SAP EDM make Power Consult Kehrer GmbH the ideal partner for tasks and projects in the field of energy data management with SAP EDM.

We have already successfully completed numerous SAP EDM implementation projects in recent years.