Project references
Environmental Management

Waste water management consulting

Kaluga Region Government

2010-2011, Kaluga, Russian Federation

Feasibility study "Wastewater disposal concept for the Kaluga region (1 000 000 PE)“

Tasks: Project coordination and monitoring of an international, German-Russian project

- Inventory of the existing wastewater treatment plants
- Summarising all basic principles, conditions and special features of the local conditions
- Definition of technical variants from a technical, financial and social point of view
- Calculation of investment costs, operating and maintenance costs
- Sewage sludge treatment
- Development of a concept to ensure sustainable wastewater disposal and treatment in the Kaluga region
Operating costs for the project area - 4.6 billion roubles
>1.000.000 PE - 64 City - 42 Waste water treatment plants<

State enterprise «Kalugaoblvodokanal» and OOO ETEK

2012-2014, Kaluga, Russia

Feasibility study „Waste water treatment plant in Golovteevo, Kaluga Region (1400 PE)

Design, approval and implementation planning of the wastewater treatment plant, consisting of:
-mechanical purification
-biological purification
-post-treatment and disinfection
-mechanical sewage sludge dewatering
-emergency sludge storage
Project coordination and monitoring of an international German-Russian planning project
- Biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater with BIOCOS technology
- Sewage sludge recycling

Domestic waste management


2019-2021, Rostow/Don, Russia

Collection, preparation and delivery of cullet to the glass industry in Russia

Projekt coordination and monitoring of a waste glass recycling project

- Conclusion of more than 50 contracts for the purchase of container glass and flat glass
- Implementation of new technologies for processing used glass (container glass and flat glass)
- Conclusion of 5 contracts for the sale of raw materials/processed cullet
- Participation in specialist conferences as a specialist speaker on the topics:
"Waste categories, waste processing, logistics, economic and technologies", RANEPA, Moscow, 2020
"Current problems in the collection, preparation and delivery of cullet to the glass industry in Russia and Germany", UPAKOVKA trade fair, Moscow, 2020
"Current problems in the field of purchase and delivery of cullet to the glass industry", International Glass Forum and Advanced Technology, Glass Association "STEKLOSOUZ", Moscow, 2019

Kaluga City Government

2019-2021, Kaluga, Russia

Preparation of environmental documentation for commercial enterprises
Coordination of environmental projects of the city administration
-„Environmental education at schools in the Kaluga region “
-„Waste separation in households“
-„ Waste recycling: biogas plant “