Project references

Integration of European Power Markets


Since 2022, Stuttgart, Europe

Re-Design of Europe-wide redispatch processes in accordance with the European Union's Clean Energy Package. 15 European transmission system operators and the Regional Coordination Center CorNet are developing joint redispatch processes and settlement mechanisms.
Project coordination, technical support, coordination of IT implementation in the project for the client TransnetBW.


2006-2007, Kosovo

For the customer KOSTT, the market operator of the wholesale electricity market, the market and business processes were developed and an initial catalog of requirements for basic ICT functionalities was developed. Implementation of basic ICT-Functionalities were supported.


2004-2005, Rumänien

For Transelectrica, the operator of the Romanian balancing market, the market processes for balancing were developed and implemented as part of a project to set up the balancing energy market.


2006, Central Europe

Business process design for the allocation of cross-border capacities and operational congestion management.

Consultancy in German Power Market

Pfalzwerke AG

2018, Ludwigshafen

Coaching and project management for the optimization of energy industry processes (including supplier switching data exchange, grid usage billing), coaching of market-efficient use of robotron WPM and esales in energy market processes, training of new team management.

Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern

2017, Kaiserslautern

Energy market processes for the market roles Balance Responsible Party and supplier - presentation and implementation proposal for the core processes for the BRP and supplier market roles in accordance with market regulatory requirements.

Lokisa Smart4Energy

2017, Mechernich

Consulting and sales support for smart business metering and energy management products.

NPP Biblis

2013, Biblis/Germany

Study on the technical feasibility and profitability calculation of several technologies in the field of heat pumps and heat recovery for installation in the company social building. Project work as part of the IHK course to become a European Energy Efficiency Manager (EUREM).

Voltaris GmbH

2012-2015, Maxdorf/Germany

For the client, a large service company, the EDM electricity team supported numerous projects for the market roles of DSO, supplier and BRP. Over a period of three years a comprehensive reorganization of internal business processes, the software components used (robotron ecount, esales and forecasting) as well as customer processes and customer communication have been carried out. The project included interim management at team management level, project management and project leadership, technical and process consulting as well as IT consulting.

Large energy supplier

2023, North Germany

Business consulting for the development of the energy data management processes.

Large regional TSO

2022, Germany

Evaluation of processes and ICT-systems in the area of distribution grid management. Evaluation of grid management activities and energy balancing in the distribution grid and determination of optimization potentials.

DepSys GmbH

2017, Switzerland

Development of pilot projects for grid condition monitoring in the low-voltage area of the distribution grid in Southwest Germany for the software "GridEye ".

Largest German Utility

2009, Landshut/Germany

Project management for Germany's largest regional utility company in the rollout of SAP CRM/IS-U in Bavaria. Sub-project management, requirements specification, process consulting, change and process interface management between IT service providers and specialist departments, test coordination.

Stadtwerke München

2009, München/Germany

Concept for data cleansing in preparation for an SAP IS-U system separation project in SAP IS-U and FirstNet.


2008, Karlsruhe/Germany

Implementation of IT unbundling for Germany's leading electricity supplier. Project management, role of IT-coordinator between several specialist departments, locations and IT systems, requirements definition for the customer market master data processes.


2007, Karlsruhe/Stuttgart, Germany

Requirements analysis for the implementation of gas supplier sustomer switching processes, project management, organization, implementation and documentation of workshops.
Requirements analysis for the implementation of gas supplier sustomer switching processes, project management, organization, implementation and documentation of workshops.

Energy balancing and market processes

Energieversorgung Oberhausen AG

2021-2022, Oberhausen/Germany

IT project management and interim management, business process optimization, clarification of energy quantity differences between grid operator and supplier, technical support for master data cleansing in SAP-EDM and SAP-IS-U. Development of the SAP EDM Sales module and technical support for the optimization of CHP and TSO/iMS shadow balancing, training and coaching.

Voltaris GmbH

2012-2015, Maxdorf/Germany

Process coordination and reorganization of shadow balancing and balancing group clearing for the market role of supplier and balancing group manager. Establishment of a monitoring for energy balancing for the market roles of distribution system operator and supplier/balancing group manager. New introduction of the bottom-up short-term forecasting process and the processes for balancing group billing of subordinate distribution grids in robotron esales and ecount as well as SAP EDM. Connection of the forecasting processes and shadow balancing to the schedule management and portfolio management of the balancing group manager, including the verification processes for balancing group settlement.

Energieversorgung Offenbach

2012, Offenbach/Germany

For the customer, a large meter management and service company, internal processes were improved and existing software components (Kisters BelVis) were upgraded in order to optimize the implementation of EDM processes in accordance with MaBiS 1.0.

IT-Solutions in the German Energy Market

Stadtwerke Marburg GmbH

2022-2023, Marburg/Germany

Technical coordination of the reorganization, conception of the restructuring in process management and IT (Wilken, Soptim, Belvis) for the market roles of default metering point operator, supplier and distribution network operator, sub-project management, change management.

Energieversorgung Oberhausen

2022-2023, Oberhausen/Germany

IT-Project management in the project for the implementation of energy data management for the market role supplier electricity in SAP EDM. Interim management as well as training and technical coaching. Business process optimization, clarification of energy quantity differences between DSO and DSO, technical support for master data cleansing in SAP EDM and SAP IS-U, development of the SAP EDM Sales module and optimization of CHP and TSO/iMS shadow balancingTechnical coordination of the reorganization, design of the restructuring in process management and IT (Wilken, Soptim, Belvis) for the market roles of basic metering point operator, supplier and distribution system operator, sub-project management, change management.

TenneT GmbH

2018-2019, Bayreuth/Germany

IT-Project management in the project for the preparation and implementation of MaKo2020 (new comprehensive set of Market rules) for the market role of balance sheet coordinator in robotron ecount/esales.

E.on Energie Mitte

2010-2011, Kassel/Germany

Deployment of the processes and functionalities for energy balancing in SAP IS-U and implementation of SAP EDM for the distribution network operator. Sub-project management in the project for SAP EDM commissioning and transfer of balancing from BelVis to SAP EDM, management of 10 employees across 3 locations. Management of the electricity balancing task force for the commissioning of balancing, including balancing master data setup and EEG master data setup
Conception of the monitoring of the balancing results.

EWE Vertriebs-GMBH

2016, Oldenburg/Germany

Analysis of the optimization potential in robotron PFM and technical advice on the enhancement of the functionalities in robotron esales for the business processes in portfolio management electricity.

Voltaris GmbH

2016-2017, Maxdorf/Germany

Interim management of the EDM team resonsible for supplier and balancing group management. Multi-project management of cross-team projects, customer acquisition and customer support Project management of the commissioning of robotron esales and WPM on the part of the service provider.

Voltaris GmbH

2009-2010, Germany

Project coordination and change management incl. training of 3 new employees, process design, specification for SAP EDM for seven SAP network clients as part of a project for SAP IS-U system separation, test case creation, test administration, test execution and test documentation using SAP Solution Manager data synchronization of master data and accounting results in SAP EDM and robotron ecount. Design and documentation of the new processes and their implementation in SAP EDM.


2007-2008, Karlsruhe/Germany

Reorganization of the business processes and ICT-systems for balancing group accounting and balancing group auditing for the largest German electricity supplier. Implementation of the new market rules for data exchange in the balancing groups of the BRP in accordance with the DuM Directive, Chapter 4 and balancing group frame contracts. Change management, conducting workshops, sub-project management, conception and planning of the reorganization of the balancing group structure, taking into account the existing "shadow balancing" for balancing group accounting in Robotron ecount.

Redispatch und Redispatch 2.0

Large DSO

2021, Northern Germany

Support of several projects for the implementation of Redispatch 2.0 processes. IT project management according to Scrum and ITIL for "third market customers" (downstream network operators) of a regional supplier in northern Germany. Accompanying the introduction of the grid operator communication concept, support in master data collection and the development of the basis for the Redispatch 2.0 service. Creation of a concept for the installation of small telecontrol technology for the control of feed-in systems >100kW power. Project and test coordination of various topics in the area of grid operator communication and the on-demand control of renewable generation units.

Smart Meter Rollout, E-Mobility Load Management

Netze BW GmbH

2020, Karlsruhe/Germany

Development of the project infrastructure and project management of the pilot project "Control via smart metering systems". The aim of the project was to enable the charging management of electric vehicles via smart meter gateways and control boxes and to demonstrate this in the pilot project. The ICT-infrastructure used consists of the components GWA-S (Fröschl), SAP IS-U, robotron ecount, SAP PO. SMGW from PPC and CLS control boxes from Prolan.

Netze BW GmbH

2019-2020, Karlsruhe/Esslingen, Germany

As IT project manager responsible for the further development of the ICT-infrastructure for the installation and processing of transaction data from smart meter gateways from the pilot phase to mass operation. Project scope approx. 100 project members at 3 locations. IT infrastructure used consisting of GWA-S (Fröschl), SAP IS-U, robotron ecount, SAP PO, agile project management according to SCRUM.